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Infant's World

Infant's World – What it look like?

Looking for definition on how it will be inside a baby's world? Well, the answer is anything and everything. Yes your heard it right. An infant's imagination is pulled along in all directions with manifold creativity. To put it simply, there are absolutely no definitions on how the imagination can go on.  He will be amused by the world around. Every minute detail which we may have failed to notice all these years can turn out to be a great object of interest.

Toys – the perfect entertainer
Although the new environment fascinates your baby, giving him a multitude of toys according to his age will add a bounty of happiness to the little one's day. In today's modern world, you can select toys from a plethora of options available in market. As the toys become a part of their exploration journey, even the simple feature appear fantabulous to them. Once they grow up a little, keeping your toddler occupied all through the day can be a herculean task. Toys come in as a savior here. They help you to engage your kids and keep them upbeat.

Learn as you play – Developmental toys
It is the aspiration of every parent out there to provide their kiddo with ample toys. Today, toys have become indispensible part every home with a kid. Apart from providing fun and entertainment, toys also aid in a child's developmental aspect. Categorized according to baby's age, the toys are designed to enhance the cognitive, motor and other skills essential for the growing curve.

Selecting the right toy can help your baby grow up with a flavor of knowledge and fun. Though open ended discovery can provide you the same result, the developmental toys does it in a more stream lined methodology. These toys give babies a new perspective of the world.
Scale your toys as you grow

In his exciting mission of discovery, the right toys will always pave the way. The little master acquires various skills as he grows rapidly. As a parent, it is one of your important responsibilities to tune your toy selection accordingly. One has to pick the right toy, one that is interesting enough so that it doesn't bore your little hero. But at the same time it shouldn't be so advanced that it aggravates him. With so many choices, shopping appropriately can be a huge task. Here we are to help you out! 

The following pointers can guide you through the journey of shopping perfect toys as per baby's age:
0-3 months:  As the baby slowly starts setting eyes on things around her, anything and everything that hangs from above can fascinate. Bright colors will be captivative for your little angel. Select toys that slowly move around and are filled with vibrant colors. Go for wind chimes, hand held toys, decorative hanging patterns, baby play gym etc.
3-6 months: As your baby enters his third month, he is more fascinated by his own hands. They seem to be clenched together for day long merrily. The kiddo also starts getting hold of objects passed to him for a little while. An incessant urge to taste each object within his reach will be his new activity. Engage him with activity racks, Rattles, soft stuffed animals and books with huge colorful images.
6-9 months:  Your infant's tantrums have grown manifold! As her brain is beginning to master motor skills, her movements are becoming precise. Playing peek-a-boo can be more exciting to the pretty doll. Your baby starts going mobile and it's time to child proof your home for her safety.  Choose good story books with lot of illustrations. Reading together can be fun and informative. As her grasps are stronger, stuffed dolls will keep her engaged. Choose moving toys that produce music and clinging sounds so that it urges your baby to crawl.
9 months-1year: At this stage, your baby's brain is buzzing with development. He is more interested in interactive games. He also has already started to make a move around your lobby in some fashion. With more mobility comes more curiousness. Best toys for this age group would be toy telephones, colorful balls, building blocks, color rings and toy musical instruments 
Traditional toys – the long lost trend
With more and more newbie parents flocking to toy shop for advanced toys, the traditional toys with which we all have played are slowly diminishing. But remember, it was not always soft toys and play stations. Our generation was lucky enough to be occupied with a variety of traditional toys. This in no way has hindered our development and of course we all are standing examples for that fact!
According to Almon "A good toy is 10 % toy and 90% child". Traditional toys encourage for open ended development that provide more room for a child's imagination. For such a tender creature, it is most important to set limits of the amount of electronic exposure they should be subjected to. On the lines of safety, traditional toys, made out of natural materials and wood make your child's play more secured. Traditional choices like wooden trains, aluminum cooking sets, spinning tops, skipping ropes, wooden blocks, and steel cars are known for their simplicity. Classic toys have a tinge of versatility attached to them. This makes kid's imagination more flexible and creative. 
Baby's toy management 
 Satisfied that you have shopped the best toys in town for your baby? Wait! Picture doesn't stop but begins here. Tipping around the house without stepping or falling down by toys in floor is an art that many parents imbibe the very moment their kiddo starts playing. De-cluttering the heap of toys on the floor has to be done every day to at least make way for walking around. Here are few strategies for managing them well:
Sort what you really need. Clearing out unwanted or unused toys can help lessen the mess
If your baby is grown up a little , try to communicate the value of cleanliness to him
Use baskets to confine all toys within a well maintained specific place. You can also classify the toys into various baskets and offer your kid one at a time
Choosing the best bet
With choices comes confusion. Good toys are the one's which actively engage the kids and at the same time aid in their brain development. Here is your checklist for making a sensible decision:
Make sure the toy is made of child safe materials. Few makes could be choking for the little one
Avoid products made of PVC as they can be harmful when chewed
Fluffy toys made of too much fur can irritate your baby's tender nostrils
Make sure the toy does not have sharp edges or uneven finishing
Color toys made of harmful paints are a strict No
Avoid the usage of electronic toys without proper parental supervision

Growing with toys are always a better way to nurture your baby's childhood. Both traditional and modern day toys have their own set of highs and lows. One has to be careful enough to choose neutrally between the available categories to provide a holistic entertainment.

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